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Benefits of Cotacachi Life

Benefits of Cotacachi Life

In Cotacachi, the people are friendly and helpful. Among the health benefits of Cotacachi is doing more walking in a pleasant environment. With the extensive choices of fruits and vegetables, you can acquire a healthy eating lifestyle at a low cost. The large and colorful Sunday market is a “happening” in Cotacachi, offering many exotic fruits as well as those that are more familiar. You’ll find a huge range of fresh vegetables, breads, cheeses, eggs, meats and fresh flowers. This is a great place to get to know the locals.

Cotacachi has a surprising range of restaurants, pizza parlors, and a restaurant serving fish and chips on Fridays. The main street has a variety of shops, including grocery stores, pharmacies, beauty shops, alternative medicine clinics and banks. Currency in Ecuador is the U.S. dollar.

Several nearby organic farms make their produce available at numerous locations in town. A small, family-run farm by Americans sells chickens and pork that have been fed mostly organically. They deliver in town, and you can place an order by email.

A young German man sells bread several times a week – absolutely delicious white or grainy bread, made with organic flour, and great-tasting baguettes. For your sweet tooth, two American owned pastry shops are now open, offering cakes, pies, cookies and even cinnamon rolls. They take special orders for any occasion.

A great place to meet fellow expats is at one of the several local coffee houses. Organic coffee is grown in the Intag region and the beans are processed on site. You can enjoy cappuccino, macchiato, mocha, Americano and frozen coffee drinks.